A Picture paints a thousand words

Do you Instagram?

Did you know that Instagram is a short cut to using social media?

Some social firms use social media all the time, others find it a distraction to the working day, or find it hard to carve out the time to craft a clear message in 140 characters or less. 

Sometimes it even feels hard to decide which of the important things that are happening on a particular day are of interest to others.

Or maybe lots of interesting things are happening, but because you are on the run, you can’t take the time to tweet or Facebook.

That is where Instagram really comes into it’s own. 

Charity Digital News reports that it is a medium that now outstrips Twitter in numbers, and is used by over half of young adults aged 18-29. 

Another Social Media Platform? Really?

You may be sighing already at the idea of getting to grips with yet another way to communicate, and the thought that you will have yet another place to build up followers.

But the real magic of Instagram is that every picture that you post on your account, can immediately also be sent to your Facebook and Twitter accounts with no extra work. 

The key to Instagram is that it is all about images.

The reality is that, increasingly, tweets without images or Facebook posts without images don’t get noticed.

And then there is the other thing – we know it’s true – that a picture is worth a thousand words. So are you missing out on one of the best ways to market your social firm right now?

How does it work?

Well you do need a smartphone and you do need to download the free app. Then open the app, point and shoot. Or use a picture that you have already taken with your camera phone. 

You can crop, edit and enhance the picture if you want – there is a myriad of filters that automatically brighten and improve your picture, as well as manual ways to change the look. 

When you are ready to post, you can add a caption or comment, hash-tags, tag people, add the location, and even put a link to your website. You aren’t limited to a word count either. 

But best of all, when you upload the picture, you can choose to send it straight to Twitter and Facebook at the same time, and even Tumblr, Flickr and Foursquare if you use them.

Job done!

You don’t need to build up Instagram followers, but your existing followers on social media will be more engaged and you’ll be getting the message out more regularly. 

It’s Not Just Pictures of Pictures…

Instagrammers are not constrained by what constitutes a picture: you can Instagram pictures of words – so you can scribble on a bit of paper, write on a blackboard, whiteboard – or do what I did for the image for this blog, and write something on Powerpoint.

Somehow – a picture of a few words becomes worth a thousand too.

Or Instagram the cover of a report, an invitation to an event, your whiteboard after a planning meeting – anything that gives a flavour of what your social firm is doing. 

Picture of a pub blackboard. It reads: Something witty and thought-provoking. (That's what my boss told me to write on the chalkboard).


We can learn a lot from the fact that pubs are getting the message that an amusing chalkboard on the pavement will get them going viral. Easy marketing – and cheap!

If you want some inspiration on how other people have used instagram to promote social firms and other social firms, you can click here.

Get Started with Social Media

If you are not sure how to get started on social media, or which platforms are right for your business, we can help.

We offer a bespoke tailored course in social media, that takes into account your business needs, analyses the right platforms for you, sets up the accounts you need, and helps you identify a clear strategy for getting the word out about your social firm.

Just give us a call to discuss your needs.



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