A Step for A Better Future: Visit Report


This report outlines three social enterprises launched in north-east Romania in October 2015 as part of the Step for a Better Future Project.

The social enterprises are based in Pomârla, a very rural and remote area.

Created for the Economia socială – un pas spre un viitor mai bun Project


At the beginning of October 2015, the A Step for a Better Future project launched three social enterprises in the northeast of Romania, and ran a residential training course for 14 new social enterprises.

The enterprises that were launched formed part of a larger group of social enterprises that were set up during 2015 by the Romanian Association of Farmers and Agricultural Workers.

The social enterprises are all located in rural areas of Romania, where small scale farming is the most common form of industry, and there are few opportunities for other forms of work or industry. These areas are poorly served by public transport; the most common form of transport is by bicycle, horse-drawn cart or on foot. This makes it almost impossible to commute to larger towns for work.

This is a report of the launch and a summary of the three of the social enterprises.


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