Right From the Start


A good practice check-list for organisations that are setting up or operating social enterprises.

A comparison of the social enterprise sector in Romania, Austria and the UK.

Created for the Economia socială – un pas spre un viitor mai bun Project


This publication is the result of a project: Economia sociala – un pas spre unviitor mai
bun, established by a consortium led by the Association of Farmers and Agricultural Workers
(Teleorman County, Romania).

The consortium included:

  • The Association Future for Women (Vrancea County, Romania),
  • Biosilva Association (Botoșani County, Romania),
  • Association Institute for Social Partnership Bucovina (Suceava County,
  • Onixalex Association (Argeș County, Romania),
  • Association Social Alternatives Millenium (Alba County, Romania),
  • Confederation of European Firms, Employment Initiatives and
    Cooperatives (Cefec).

It compares the historical, cultural and structural background to employment
and employability social enterprises in Romania, Austria and the UK, and
provides a good practice checklist for organisations in these and in other
countries that are setting up or operating social enterprises.


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