Social Firm Employment Plan Template


Having an Employment Plan demonstrates your commitment to the social firm model and is a tool to help you in achieving it.

Whether you are operating a Social Firm or are working towards becoming a Social Firm the Employment Plan templates can be easily adapted for your business.


Businesses generally have some kind of an employment plan, although they might not think they do or they might call it ‘workforce planning’. 

Workforce planning is about building a group of employees who have the capacity to do the job.

It means constantly working to gather the people and skills needed for the job and it means thinking ahead so that you are able to anticipate the growth in employees that you will need. 

This is, of course, equally necessary in a Social Firm but, in addition, a plan/system/method is needed to ensure you continue to employ, at least the minimum percentage of severely disadvantaged people. So employment planning in Social Firms is really about ensuring that not less than 25% of the employees are severely job-disadvantaged.

The Employment Plan offered here is appropriate for most Social Firms and emerging Social Firms.

Author: Social Firms England

Published: 2015


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