Social Firms England Newsletter Beats All Records!

I was really pleased to get such a good response to our first Member Newsletter from Social Firms England.

Having redesigned the newsletter from the bottom up, we feel we have got something right!

The chart shows that the Nonprofit Industry Average for Newsletter Opens is 21%. Social Firms UK averaged 21%, and the new Social Firms England Newsletter reached 56%.  The chart also shows Clicks for the Newsletter. The Industry Average is 3%, Social Firms UK doubled that at 7%, but Social Firms England reached 23.3%.

Our graph shows how the first SFE Newsletter was received.


What were the figures?

Almost 56% of recipients opened the newsletter, which is around 2.5 times more than the non-profit industry average (and co-incidentally the average for the previous Social Firms UK Member Newsletters). 

More than 23% clicked through to find out more information about the news articles, more than 7.5 times the industry average and almost three times more than for the previous Social Firms UK Member Newsletters). 

We use Mailchimp to send out our newsletters and produce the statistical report, so we always know how each newsletter performs, and what news interests members. 

How do we put the Newsletter together?

As anyone who puts together a newsletter for a diverse audience knows, it takes time to get it completely spot-on.

But other than a once a year survey of readers, there is often little direct feedback, whether positive or – ahem – “constructive”. 

A lot of information comes over my desk, and some choices have to be made as to what to pass on.

With a membership organisation like Social Firms England, and previously, Social Firms UK, it often helps to think back to my own days of running a social firm – what information would I have valued the most?

It also helps to think about relate news items to specific members – for example, a conversation with a member about a challenge that they have talked about, or a direction they are planning to take.

The rationale is for that is that often challenges affect more than one business at a time: they are the result of what is going on elsewhere in the world, for example the economy, technological changes, or changes in the market.

Of course news that is always going to go in is information about what our members are up to and what successes they have had. 

Members’ Newsletters

We also love to get our members’ newsletters, and two that we have had recently are from Furniture Now! and Cockpit Arts.

If you are wondering if a newsletter would work well for you, then contact us – we can help you think through the options.

Silver Social Firms Members get 15 minutes free phone support each month – to discuss newsletters or any other aspect of business.

Bronze Members are always welcome to book an appointment on 01737 231 360 or by email.

Photo of Michele Rigby, CEO Social Firms England

Michele Rigby, CEO, Social Firms England

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