Our Services

We are the experts. If you want to set up or grow a social firm, or you want to know how to work strategically with social firms, you have come to the right place.

We have almost 30 years' coalface experience in setting up and running social firms; we have a wealth of knowledge and connections, and we want to put it all to good use to help you create and grow more social firms. Our social firm and supporting members are important reserves of knowledge, and we draw on their experience and wisdom.

Click on the sections below to get an overview of the services that we offer. We tailor packages of support to suit you, so call us now on 01737 231 360.  We are delighted to help!

Begin Here: Support and Development for Start-Up Social Firms

You might be an existing charity or local authority, or a group of social enterpreneurs with a passion for social impact - or even a lone wolf. Either way, we know that starting a social firm can be daunting, so we offer a range of services to get you up and running.

A great starting point for any start-up social firm is to take a look at our InfoMine - within a couple of minutes you can get a tailored report and guide to help you think through the next steps.

Once you have your InfoMine report, we can work with you to support you on your journey. You may just need a helping hand with some aspects, or you might need a friendly expert to work intensively with you. We do both, so just tell us what you need.

  • Company Formation
  • Articles of Association
  • Figuring out a Business
  • Business Planning Support
  • Review of Business Plan
  • Signposting and Guidance
  • Market Research Support
  • Planning for Empowerment
  • Social Media and Marketing
  • Social Impact Planning

Scaling Up: Growth and Development for Social Firms

The first few years running a business are tough, and you need people on your side. Even businesses that have a successful track record sometimes hit the buffers or just need a helping hand to figure out, plan or execute the next stage in development.

With experience of a wide range of organisations, we know the questions to ask to get right to the heart of your business challenges. We can help you plan, prioritise, and action to solve issues, streamline processes and grow your business.

  • General Support and Guidance
  • Growth Planning
  • Business Review and Troubleshooting
  • Business Planning Support
  • Review of Business Plan
  • Diversification of products and markets
  • Social Impact Planning and Reporting
  • Strategic Partnership Development
  • Developing Empowerment Strategies
  • Organisational Structure
  • In-house training/embedding change
  • Breaking into Supply Chains
  • Social Media and Marketing
  • Writing bids

Public Authorities and LEPs: Getting Strategic about Employment

You want to create employment, improve lives - and reduce spending. Where do you start?

Well, we want the same thing. We want more job-disadvantaged people to find work too. And we believe that social firms have a huge role to play in creating more jobs and improving employability. We know how to get there, and we can take you on your journey to making your vision a reality. We know what works, what to prioritise and what can trip you up.

  • Introduction to the social firm model
  • In-house training
  • Public Services Transformation
  • Strategy Development
  • Strategic Partnership Development
  • Bespoke Social Firm Visits

The Private Sector and Social Firms: Win-Win for Social Impact

Private Sector companies want to use their potential to create social impact. Large or small, they know that there is more to business than just making money. But it can be hard to come up with a winning combination that creates significant impact in tune with the financial bottom line. We have the answer.

We work with the private sector to incorporate social firms into supply chains. Working at your pace, we start with the needs and expectations of your business; we explain the social firm model and support you in developing a social impact strategy that incorporates quality goods and services from social firms at the right price.

  • The Social Firm model in the Supply Chain
  • Developing a values-led Supply Chain Strategy
  • In-house Introduction to Social Firms
  • Training and Embedding
  • Social Firm Win-Win: Getting the Best from Your Social Firm Supplier
  • Social Firm Match-making
  • Bespoke visits to social firms